Print - It Sticks!

At Allegra Vancouver – False Creek we provide you with a wide range of commercial printing services; from traditional offset, to digital print, from black + white to full-colour, from small business cards and labels to large format posters, banners and signs.

In many ways, print is the ideal marketing medium: it’s available in both large and small numbers, can be accessed easily, and is engaging, versatile and creative.

Print media has a close relationship with its readers. Indeed, print is often called the ‘me-medium’, as it can become an integral part of its reader’s world. But this relationship extends beyond the initial read-through. Because print is easily put down and picked up, it sticks around in the household or workplace, read again and again by others that come across it.

The key to successful marketing is engagement, drawing your customer in through attention-grabbing content and rewarding them with a worthwhile offer or service.  Print media can now offer quick and simple ways to access digital content using ‘bridging technologies’ such as QR codes, Augmented Reality and near-field communication.
These innovations form a bridge between print media and a brand’s online space, inviting consumer reaction, feedback and purchase. Such innovations increase the effectiveness of print media, as well as enhancing the consumer experience.

Print media can now include ‘markers’ that link the printed medium with digital media.

Digital Printing
The benefits of digital printing include short runs, lower cost per unit and because many of the mechanical steps have been eliminated during the digital printing process, – much quicker turnaround times. So all in all a really good deal.

Variable-Data Printing
Also known as VDP, variable-data printing is the next step in direct mail marketing. It allows for elements such as images, graphics, maps and text to be changed from one piece to the next. Data can be pulled from a database or EXCEL spreadsheet. With the highly customizable possibilities, variable-data printing offers mail pieces that are truly relevant to the recipients.

- Include images that appeal to the recipient’s demographic
- Personalized mail pieces have a much higher chance of being read
- Incorporate customized text, images and information to grab recipients’ attention

IKEA’s bookbook

At only 8mm thin, and weighing in at less than 400g, the 2015 IKEA Catalogue comes pre-installed with thousands of home furnishing ideas.